Military Exercise August 1 – 12

Jul 25, 2017

The Grant County International Airport will be working with both US and allied nations to conduct a full-scale field exercise the first week and a half of August, similar to the event hosted in 2014. This will include paratroopers in the air, troops on the ground, rolling stock, and jets, turboprops and helicopters flying other than the usual patterns.

Expect NOTAMs closing the WEST half of 4-22 from 7/18 to 8/4 (still allowing taxiing from Twys B to C)
And closing the EAST half of 4-22 from approximately the afternoon of 8/1 to (if not through) 8/12
Closure of the entire airfield at night from 2200-0600 PST from one to three nights in the first few days of August

Runways 14L-32R, 14R-32L and 18-36 will remain open all days. Taxiways A, B, C, D, E, J (except east of 14L and Twy J4) will remain open all days. Taxiway G or portions thereof will close for the exercise but the surface will be available for air tankers at all times regardless. All military personnel will give way to firefighting aircraft. During the day, troops will be based on the NE corner of the airfield AND just north of the Fuel Ramp west of the control tower.

On the night(s) of parachute activity, we request for the troops’ safety you extinguish all sources of light and keep all doors closed to protect their eyes as they will be wearing night vision goggles. Even a porch light can be blinding and cause harm if a jumper cannot see the approaching ground because of temporary blindness. Also, we will be de-energizing the power lines on the infield north and east of the Fuel Ramp specifically during jump activity. It is not our plan to cut power to any tenant facilities but this may happen if a tenant is on the same line; we are working with the PUD closely. Please secure your hangar/building/facilities, as troops will be “rescuing” the airfield and it helps them know that your facility is not part of the exercise (though in one case in 2014, they even “rescued” a locked building).

Expect to hear blank rounds being fired, explosives simulators and to see military vehicles, aircraft and personnel on and around the airport property. Also reduce lighting if possible during jump nights to support the troops. Lastly, some military personnel will be allowed to exit the scenario and head into town. Please show you appreciation for their dedication to training and readiness. Spending a week and a half outside in August in all the gear they wear is no picnic. We will send updates as more information becomes available.

We appreciate your understanding and support.