World-class technology companies have developed server farms across Grant County due to the mass availability of open land and low cost of electricity. RS Titan is located directly adjacent to the Port and has significant expansion capacity. The following employers operate data processing, storage and programming facilities within Grant County.

R.S. Titan

This co-location data center enables to support its growing query volume and provide additional computing power for processor-intensive search services such as Ask 3D.


Anyone in the Pacific Northwest that visits the Yahoo! homepage or uses one of the many Yahoo! properties is likely routed through this data center to complete their online activity.


This Microsoft campus is one of the largest of its kind and combines traditional raised floor server space with newer more efficient containerized data storage modules.


The makers of Quickbooks and TurboTax utilize this data center as Intuit’s primary location to run and store data for its software packages.


This data center is a key part of the new cloud computing services that Dell plans to roll out over the next several years.