Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace developer and producer, along with many other flight test companies, utilize the Port of Moses Lake for ongoing tests and training at Grant County International Airport. The airport includes five runways and enjoys consistently excellent weather conditions with 340 days of VFR flying per year. It has capacity for much more given its 13,503′ x 200′ long runway and underutilized FAA regulated airspace for commercial and military dedicated use.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): The Port is also the principal location of the Pacific Northwest UAS Flight Center (PNUASFC). The Center has established six UAS test ranges for virtually any type of UAS flight testing. There are also all necessary support services for UAS launch, recovery, tracking and repair available on the airport: Pacific Northwest UAS Flight Center.


Grant County International Airport provides multiple operators to ensure all commercial, military and corporate aircraft have access to a full range of services.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul – MROs

The largest third party, single site transport aircraft maintenance provider in North America servicing more than 450 aircraft per year. Clients include Southwest Airlines, UPS, Alaska Airlines, Greenpoint Technologies, and the military.


Flight line maintenance, aircraft storage, and space for large spare parts inventory. Clients include United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, and Continental Airlines.

Fixed Base Operator – FBOs

A full service, 24-hour Fixed Base Operator for military, corporate or large aircraft support and fueling. Rental cars available.


A 24-hour Fixed Based Operator for personal and corporate aircraft with a full range of support services and fueling. Rental cars available.


With the proximity of Joint Base Lewis McChord Air Force Base, Fairchild Air Force Base and Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, the United States Air Force, Army and Navy utilize Grant County International Airport as the central destination for flight testing and training in the Pacific Northwest.

This airfield is available for various complex mission training requirements, and includes designated drop zones, paved and unpaved operations areas, and a full range of ground support services. Additionally, the highest level of security requirements can be met at Grant County International Airport.