Current Projects

  • Northern Columbia Basin Railroad Project (NCBRP)

    Estimated Project Cost - $30.3 million

    CONNECT Washington Allocation - $20.9 million
    FASTLANE (INFRA) Award - $9.9 million
    Estimated Completion - 2020


                                                                                                        NCBR Page – Click here

    The Port of Moses Lake (PoML), in rural Central Washington has many features attractive to generating economic growth – its climate, low power costs, available industrial land adjacent to the Grant County International Airport (GCIA), and quality of life in Central Washington. Notably, the lands abutting the GCIA are a unique asset for attracting new industries, expanding aerospace, and generating new jobs.  The major impediment to retaining existing and attracting new industries is the lack of transportation options for shipping long distances. The rail project will address the lack of transportation options for long-distance shipping.


  • Small Works Projects

    ARFF RFP 2017 – PDF

  • Invitation To Bid

    Invitation To Bid – PDF